Our Mission

To help business owners & entrepreneurs build successful businesses so they are able to live meaningful and rewarding lives.

Our 8 Core Values

1. Communication

We believe that communication is the foundation to building trust and relationships with our clients and team members.

As Kip Tindell from The Container Store says, “Communication IS Leadership“.

2. Family First

Our company is flexible with scheduling so that our employees can spend time with their families. We work hard so we can earn this time to make precious memories with the ones we love.

Don’t forget that friends are family too!

3. We Plan

We don’t believe in aimlessly working everyday. We set goals and create plans to achieve those goals. No action is taken unless we have a plan in place. Our plans are fluid and flexible so we can handle changes in your priorities and the direction of your business.

4. Passion & Fun

We believe in finding a job that you can be passionate about and pursuing it.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

5. Creativity & Innovation

We take the creative process seriously! We make sure that our whole team is involved in the design and development of our services. We find that this allows for the highest chances of success!

6. Leadership By Example

As a team who sees all members as equal, we make sure to all be leaders. There is no special treatment or favoritism making for more efficient employees in a more positive work environment.

Everybody works together to achieve common goals.

7. No Shortcuts To Success

Webinars and success templates often promise unrealistic results in a short amount of time. We use our combined experience, dedication, and patience to bring success to you and your business unlike those get rich quick scams!

Hard Work = Easy Life!

8. Sharpen The Saw

We believe in finding a job that you can be passionate about and pursuing it.

When you love what you do it is easy to become a bit of a workaholic. We suggest 1-2 full days off each week and 2-4 vacations per year to unplug and recharge by doing something else that you love.

Ride a bike, go to a concert or binge watch a TV show!

The Why Builder Team

Mike Lord
Technical & Strategy

Stephanie Wolf
Creative Director &
Project Management

Shana Harford
Senior Designer
& Branding

Haroon Sajjad
Lead Web Developer
& WordPress Master

Erick Fernandez
Social Media &
Content Management

Ilija Trbogazov
Game & Mobile App

Ganesh Nagarajan
Data Management
& Automation