Services We Offer

Project Management & Strategy

Managing so many projects and services at one time can cause quite the headache. Mike Lord has 20 years of experience managing the operations of small businesses and startups. We start with building a strong communication platform so the clients needs and goals can be clearly identified. Once we have a detailed understanding of your business needs, we put together a project plan with realistic time lines and conscious budgeting.

We build a relationship and consistently stay in contact with our clients so they are always aware of the status of their business. We strive to make the communication between project manager and client as easy and pleasant as possible.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a core requirement to excel in today’s digital business world.  Marketing today has become such a technical process and requires a high level of project management in order to launch and manage a successful campaign. A proper campaign requires creative, strategy, and analytics. Without a proper strategy your conversions rates will be low to none. We will help you develop a professional and effective marketing campaign that is always working to optimize your conversions.

Paid Advertising

Many small business owners don’t understand how to build or run a successful advertising campaign. Our team starts by performing methodical and analytical testing to identify the best target audience for you brand. We take the time to understand the target audience and create a message that will appeal to them. Our creative team comes up with interesting, appealing, and original content to help attract new customers to your company. Our research and experience leads to higher click through and conversion rates. Each campaign starts with a relatively small budget. Our strategies are tested throughly before increasing your daily advertising budget.

Creative & Design

Our creative team has years of experience designing and creating content for websites, social media, mobile applications, logos, web banners, marketing, and ad campaigns. We work closely with all of our clients to make sure that all designs meet branding requirements and communicate your companies culture and message effectively. Design is a visual connection between you and your audience. It is how a company or brand can be recognized and understood by an audience. Utilizing our creative team can help your company increase brand awareness and loyalty.

If you need help finding the right words for your social media posts, blogs or website copy we can make sure that your message is properly communicated to your audience. We have an experienced full time copy writer that can take your ideas and message and make sure your audience clearly understands and all the keywords are present.

Web Development & WordPress

We specialize in creating professional user interfaces and awesome user experiences (UI/UX). Websites must be attractive but they also must work in a way that is intuitive and easy for the user. All of our website designs are responsive and function properly on mobile devices, tablets, desktops and high resolution monitors (4k). Having a methodical site design and layout has a big impact on your sales funnel and ensures that your audience understands your product and services. Our interfaces are designed so they are intuitive for the user and increase conversions.

WordPress has become the standard for Content Management Systems (CMS) today. Our team of highly skilled WordPress developers can create custom themes and advanced style sheets (CSS) to give your site a strong branded look and feel.  Our team can also create and/or modify any plug-in to meet with your requirements.

Social Media Strategy & Management

Social media allows for the user to not only share information about their brand but also share content that their users will engage with. It is also important to identify who your target audience is and identify when to post content on each platform. Each social media account can be utilised in different ways so having a deep understanding of each platform is a necessity. We design a social media plan that will build up your followers and increase engagement. Every business has a unique audience and requires a different approach when it comes to social media. Social media is a 24/7 contact point with your audience, it is a space to to talk to them and more importantly, let them talk with you. If you have the content but no one is seeing or engaging with it, we can help. Our creative team will make sure all posts are tailored to your audience and posted at a time when they will receive the highest engagement.


Custom Web Software Development

The world of software is constantly changing and creating new innovative programs that can be utilized by small businesses. Mike Lord has been developing custom software for small businesses for 20 years and is always developing new systems for small businesses. We are able to fully understand the needs of your business and design a software package that is simple and usable. We use the agile development methodology that focuses on only building the tools and features that you and your business will use. We understand that every business is unique and their software should be too; store-bought software just doesn’t cut it when your business has personalized work flows and needs.