The Why Builder Difference

The Why Builder Difference

What Makes The Why Builder So Awesome?

One of the key ingredients that makes The Why Builder program successful is because of our proven Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Project Management skills. Being an expert in this department is how we are able to provide our clients the highest value. We all know that if you were to hire a full time in-house staff yourself you are opening up a can of worms. Not only do you have to deal with all the responsibilities of having employees but maintaining your company culture and focusing on delivering the highest quality product or service will surely be sacrificed.

Think about it this way. In one shot you get a group of highly professional individuals that has been working together for several projects and have figured out how to effectively communicate and work together as a team. You do not have to deal with their personal drama and spend any energy trying to keep them motivated. We have already gone through the pain of building an awesome team.

Mike Lord has been building and leading talented teams for 20 years. Through years of experience (and headaches) he has learned how to cut the BS and just get down to business and show results. Finding the right talent and having them work efficiently together is no easy task and is truly an art that only experience can teach. If you have had employees before or currently do, you know the pain. Choosing The Why Builder eliminates this time consuming process and headache.

The Talented Why Builder Team

Every team member has been carefully selected and proven to be excellent in communications skills, responsibility, and demonstrate a high level of talent and professionalism. We don’t ever just seek out talent and assign them to a high level project. Every team member is vetted and proven before they officially are part of the team. Having a high level of trust and a proven track record with our team members gives you the confidence that all work delivered is top tier and on time.

The Why Builder Team works in a virtual office with some members here in the US and some overseas. All account reps are in the United States with English being their native language. Every team member working overseas has a high level of English fluency so if you ever need to interface with them, communication will never be an issue.

The Why Builder Value

We get sad when we hear of a business a owner that hires a “Marketing Guru” to only realize they are 1 dimensional and then have to go out and hire more contractors and people. In today’s digital marketing world you need the right team of subject matter experts to successfully execute campaigns, product launches, content strategies, and everything digital. With The Why Builder Team you only pay for what you need, when you need it. We don’t sit around at the end of the day staring at the clock waiting to leave or come into work 10-15 minutes late everyday and bill you for that. We work, we produce and get you results. Our goal is to provide you continuous value and satisfaction with our team.

Conscious Budgeting

Many consulting companies present businesses with complex strategies with bigger price tags. In some cases the simpler can be better. Results for your business and the ultimate customer service experience are our top priorities. We love building relationships that last! We are not looking for a one night stand. Staying within the projected budget can be challenging when you hire a consultant. It takes a clear and concise strategy on top of a experienced and honest individual to provide you with realistic proposals. Any and all changes to the budget are always approved by our clients first; that means no surprises for you when the bill arrives!

Our Core Values & Principles

We strive to create the most passionate and inspiring environment for both our team members and clients. Establishing a set of core values & principles is the foundation of harmony, loyalty, and trust. We value communication because many conflicts can be solved early if communicated properly. We communicate honestly and constructively to create better results for our clients and builder stronger relationships for our team members. We always do our best to make sure our actions are in line with our company’s core values and principles.