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3 Simple Systems to Live Life By Design, Not By Default

Are you living life by design or just showing up and see where the day takes you? How many times have you thought “I wish my business could run on autopilot”? While it is a good idea to automate some areas of your business, running your life on autopilot is a terrible idea ...

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10 Best Practices for Naming Files & Folders for You and Your Team

Does this look familiar? Do you get annoyed when someone sends you a file that is named “document.pdf” or “resume.doc”? Whenever I receive a file like this I cringe and a few things comes to mind: 1. They are lazy 2. They are disorganized ...

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The 6 Human Foundations EVERY business needs in 2019

Every year business seems to get more complex by an introduction of some new technology. Regardless of what tools you use and what cloud systems you integrate with each other, what matters most is that you have the 6 foundational systems in place ...

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How to build a simple sales program for your business

I originally started The Why Builder as a digital marketing agency. I had a wide set of skills and a very small team. 1 designer fresh out of school, 1 web developer that I worked with on a few projects, and me ...

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