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Habit #5 — Schedule Your Day… Everyday

How many times have you had only 5 things to do in 1 day and you accomplished 0? You start a project, get distracted, move on to something else, come back to it, move on to something else, then move on to something else. At the end of the day you haven’t completed ANYTHING ...

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Habit #6 for 2018: Zero Your Inbox and Feel Good Everyday

I compare a messy inbox to having a messy room. No one ever see’s it but you know you want to clean it and it causes you stress all the time because you can never find anything when you need it! What is the oldest email in your inbox right now?

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My 30 Day Habit Challenge — 6 Habits to launch YOU into 2018! You In?

I’m barely just scratching the surface of knowing what it takes to be successful. I’m not just talking money but in life as a whole. I spent a ton of time last year researching why some people are more successful than others. As of today, It comes down to one thing and that is H-A-B-I-T-S!

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